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10 06 2010

I think that so far, this has been the best school year ever. I got to meet so many different people than last year. I think that I built so many different relationships with different types of people which let me have a better 8th grade experience. I think it is going to be weird because I have been going to this school for 10 years.I think that the best part of the year was that for the most part, we all got along and there was no huge conflicts that got in the way of doing anything in class. My favorite field trip was Red Arrow. It was the best because everybody just got to chill and hang out with all of the people that we were gonna leave soon. I hope that everybody stays in touch with people that they want to. I hope that tomorrow that people are not going to be like, super sappy and crying because they won’t see their friends ever again. I hope that people don’t cry, because when they start to cry, I’ll start to cry HAHA. On a good note, I am super excited for high school next year. It will be nice because I have my brother there and a few other people I know because of him. I think and hope that I will keep in touch with a lot of the people in our class because I would be nothing. I don’t even know why I am even making this super sappy letter for the end of the year. I think it is because everybody else I saw their blog, they made a sappy letter. I wish the luck to everybody and their pursuit of happiness, JK. But for real, I wish the luck to all of you and I hope everybody has a great life after the 8th grade. GOODBYE!



9 06 2010

My mom said that I am getting a phone next week because I am graduating. I have known this since like 5th grade. I have been asking all week, but my parents don’t love me enough to gt me one haha. I want to get home so that I can just sleep because I am super tired. I think that Count Chocula is way cooler than Capitan Crunch. It is sooo good, but the boxes are so small I can eat a box in like to bowls. My favorite part about Chicago was the bus. I never got bored but these three kids behind us on the way back were really loud *cough cough. My favorite part was Popeye’s, it was so good. It also gave us a time to dry off. In the end Chicago, it was a really fun day and it was worth the trip.

This weekend was verrry fun

7 06 2010

Friday I slept over at Jose’s house, and after I went to his house I got home and went to the hospital. Cody D’s mom had a baby. My mom and his mom are like best friends. The baby was 6lbs 7 oz and 19 inches. She is like the cutesy baby ever. Her name is Delany Denice Rebro. After I went there I went to Cody F’s house and we chilled ha ha. On Sunday I went to Cody D’s lacrosse game in Grafton. Right when we got here it started to pour. I got to listen to Green Day the whole day. I love Green Day, but not the nasty American Idiot or 21st century breakdown. My mom said that her favorite band of the 90’s and still today, is Green Day. I think that everybody has heard at least one Green Day song in their life, but I bet not the good ones!

Nothing to post about

4 06 2010

Well, today is club burdick, and guess what? I’M NOT GOING! I don’t think I’m going because I talk too much, whatever, I can’t help it. I don’t really know what I’m going to do in class today. I think I’ll just do some work.


3 06 2010

If anybody saw the Detroit Tigers game yesterday, you would be baffled on how bad this call was. The pitcher was throwing a perfect game in the bottom in the 9th with two outs. There was a grounder that went to the 1st baseman and he threw it to the pitcher got him out. But the Ump called it safe. If you saw the replay, the runner was out by a whole step. The skipper came out and started to argue with the Ump, but he didn’t change his call. The next ball was a ground out. After the Ump saw the call, he was so angry with himself from taking away a perfect game from the young pitcher. There have only been 20 perfect games in the history of baseball. A perfect game is when nobody on the other team gets walked or reaches base on an error. The pitcher was not too mad because he knew in his mind, that he threw the 21st perfect game in the history of baseball. So far there has been 2 perfect games this year, which is very rare.


1 06 2010

On Saturday I went to my Dad’s friend’s house. We had a cookout and a bonfire. It’s fun because my sister has a boy to hang out with because they are the same age. It’s fun because my brother and I have a girl to hang out with. My brother wasn’t there, but it was still fun. Taylor and I played basketball and went on Facebook . At about 12 we went home and when I got home I went to bed. It was fun, but I heard some really crappy music. Taylor likes Justin Bieber and all of the other stupid stuff like that.

Awee :(

26 05 2010

My dad started this thing with a guy, and every Tuesday he sings at Amelia’s with this guy that plays piano. So yesterday my family was going to surprise him by going up there to see him sing. But when we got there, He looked really sad when he saw us. He told us that his piano man wasn’t there. I was really excited to see my dad play because he is really good and I wanted him to be happy. Her does things liken this once in a while, but all day yesterday he was warming up and saying that he was so excited. On the way home, he was telling me how e was so mad. The reason why his friend didn’t come was because his car broke down and he couldn’t make it in time. Hopefully next week we will go and see him sing.